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Salt-Away is the ideal product and the least expensive salt removing product to install in your car or truck wash in regions where road salt abounds, and where Self-Serve wash systems accommodate customers in coastal and salt water boating populations.

Recommended locations for Salt-Away installation:

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  • The problem of using only car wash detergents for salt removal, is that millions of salt crystals are trapped in car part junctures and undercarriages, and when the water evaporates, the salt remains.

  • When Salt-Away is applied, all the surface salt is removed immediately. Accumulated salt in tight areas may take more than one application. If that is the condition, Salt-Away’s exposure to these areas will begin to break apart the hardened crystals and in the meantime, the corrosion inhibitors in the product will prevent corrosion even if salt is present.

  • Salt-Away can be installed for overhead sprays and undercarriage applications.


  • Salt-Away is water soluble, there is no build-up and it does not bond to surfaces. Leaves an invisible film residue where it is working until it is washed away.

  • For best results, first remove mud, dirt, snow, ice and other debris so Salt-Away can be applied directly to the metal.

  • Salt-Away should be applied last, just before the drying process. Contains Rinse Aid. Rinsing product off vehicle not required. Not recommended to mix with the detergent.

  • Salt-Away’s very concentrated formula of 1 part Salt-Away to 500 parts water (1 ounce (29.57 ml) per 4 gallons (15.14 L) water) makes this product an extremely economical purchase.

  • Creates an excellent profit center for you.

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Please visit our Products Page for a complete presentation of the Salt-Away product line.

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