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DUNS NUMBER: 941479578


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Salt-Away can be used in the "bird bath".

Salt-Away is currently being used by the military on the following equipment:

  • Aircraft

  • Helicopters

  • Salt Water Gun Cooling Systems

  • Shore Boats

  • Landing Craft Air Cushion Boats (LCACs)

  • Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs)

  • Deep Submergence Remote Vessels (DSRVs)

  • High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs)

  • Assault Amphibious Vehicles (AAVs)

  • Military Vehicle Fleets (Jeeps, Trucks)

  • Construction Equipment (Dozers, Fork Lifts)

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Recommended products for first purchase: KIT or GALLON AND MIXING UNIT

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  • Salt-Away’s performance has been admired by the military for several years. Because of the dilution factor of Salt-Away, it is the most economical salt removing product available, and it is the preference by military personnel who know of the product.

  • Selected by Lockheed Martin as the recommended salt removing maintenance product for the military, Salt-Away is seen on many military bases.

  • Many U.S Coast Guard Stations have also used Salt-Away for several years.

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National Stock Numbers Available:

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Please see our Products Page for a complete listing of Salt-Away's products.


See USMC Expeditionary Warfare Training Group, Pacific, Outboard Engine Flushing Center which is constructed to use Salt-Away in the routine flushing of their engines.

Salt A Way 5 405x538.jpeg
Salt A Way 4 405x442.jpeg

A multiple engine mounting rack allows several engines to be flushed simultaneously. Each has it's own Salt-Away delivery from a hose attached to the manifold.

Outboard engine with muffs being flushed with Salt-Away provided via a hose attached to a Salt-Away Mixing Unit that is connected to a custom made manifold.

Salt A Way 3 405x538.jpeg

The custom made manifold allows a Salt-Away Mixing Unit to be attached in line to each hose which extends to the engine flushing rack. Click on the Mixing Unit in the red box for additional information on the unit.

Salt A Way 1 RDBx 404x447.jpeg

A single station flushing source of Salt-Away utilizing the Salt-Away Mixing Unit and a hose reel. Click on the Mixing Unit in the red box for additional information on the unit.

Salt A Way 2 405x305.jpeg

The design of this expansive flushing area allows quick and efficient simultaneous flushing of a large number of outboard engines.

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