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  • Treating your salt spreaders, snow plows, blowers, blades, buckets, or any part of your equipment with Salt-Away works to protect against salt corrosion and reduces costly repairs caused by the corrosive action of salt.

  • Works on sodium chloride, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. Will not damage paint or strip wax.

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  • Leaves an invisible protective film containing high-performing corrosion inhibitors to protect from rusting until surface is again exposed to water or salt.


  • Use pressure washer.

  • Connect Salt-Away Mixing Unit handle to water hose.

  • Attach male threads of Mixing Unit to hose inlet connection on back side of pressure washer.

  • Mixing Unit automatically dilutes product at correct ratio prior to flowing through pressure washer.

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  • No pre-mixing required

  • Recommended part numbers for your applications are PN SAM12 and PN SA15-IA.

  • For best results, first remove mud, dirt, snow, ice and other debris so Salt-Away can be applied directly to the metal. Just turn the Mixing Unit knob to the Rinse position for this procedure.

  • Leaving the Salt-Away solution on the equipment after application is recommended.

  • Because Salt-Away is water based, it can be removed from the treated areas by driving through water or by washing the vehicle. Salt-Away does not bond to surfaces.

  • Economical to use - dilution ratio for pressure applications (water hose, pressure washer): 1 part Salt-Away to 500 parts water (1 ounce (29.57 ml) Salt-Away to 4 gallons (15.14 Ltr) water.)

  • At 1 part Salt-Away to 500 parts water, 20 gallons (75.71 Ltr) of mixture covers approximately 1315 square feet (122.17 sq meters).

  • Available in gallon (3.79 Ltr) case packs and 15, 30 and 55 gallon (15.78, 113.56 and 208.2 Ltr) drums.

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Making salt brine for road applications.

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