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The best equipment and method to apply Salt-Away is a pressure washer with a Salt-Away Mixing Unit, PN SAM12, supplying the product. It is installed inline between the water hose and the pressure washer. The Unit automatically delivers the correct dilution ratio while using it. Salt-Away is safe to use on any mining equipment and salt-hauling trucks.

If there are other corrosive substances which are exposed to your equipment, Salt-Away can remove them, as well as the salt, as long as they’re soluble. We recommend investing in an electronic instrument* which measures salt content on a surface. After using Salt-Away, the instrument measures whether or not the amount remaining meets the company standards. In most cases, if Salt-Away has never been used before, more than one application may be necessary. Once on a maintenance schedule, only one application is normally required.

*Elcometer instruments are recommended.

Please see How Salt-Away Works to get details about the product.

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