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  • Over-heating Boat Engines

  • Boat Wash, Trailer & Brake Wash

  • Fishing Rods, Reels, Tackle Other Gear

  • Seaside Windows, Awnings, Furniture

  • Radar Systems

  • Laser Systems

  • Business / Home Air Conditioners

  • Diving Suits, Regulators, B/Cs

  • Lock Sets, Valves, Gauges

  • Salt Water Toilet System

  • Circuit Boards, Optical Lenses

  • 30-Second Boat Engine Flushes


  • Salt-Away was specifically designed to externally remove salt just by spraying on.

  • Using Salt-Away’s Kit is the easiest way to remove salt from large areas since the unique Mixing Unit (dispenser) is included in the kit.

  • No scrubbing or using brushes are required.

  • Just spray on. Rinsing is optional.

  • Since salt crystals act as miniature magnifying glasses, the UV rays of the sun etch into the surface of your boat. Keep your boat looking new by using Salt-Away to remove these crystals.

  • Reduces clean-up time by 75%.

  • See step-by-step instructions for exterior wash applications.

  • See section on engine flushing.

  • Fishing boats are easy to keep clean by using Salt-Away.

  • Hose down with Salt-Away at the end of the day. Salt-Away removes salt, fish blood and other fish parts.

  • It is easy to flush your engine and hose down the deck to remove the salt.

  • Remember to use Salt-Away on your bait tank pump. Replacing bait tank pumps will be a thing of the past.

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  • Any boater who spends a great deal of money in the sport of boating will want to invest in a product which will keep the equipment in ‘original’ condition.

  • Salt-Away is the most concentrated of all salt removing products and therefore the least expensive to use.

  • Composed of the highest quality ingredients, Salt-Away is safe to use on any surface – paint, chrome, gel coat, fiberglass, rubber, vinyl.

  • Salt-Away will not remove wax.

  • Salt-Away is ideal for sailors.

  • Spraying off your sails and your sail covers will remove those salt crystals which eventually cut the threads, causing expensive items to be replaced more often than necessary.

  • The chemicals in Salt-Away will not deteriorate the fabric of your sails.

  • Spraying Salt-Away on the isinglass panels will cause the salt to ‘sheet’ off, which eliminates the danger of grinding the salt into the panel when hand-washing.

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  • Salt-Away is excellent to use on all your diving equipment.

  • If you own a boat or go out on someone else’s boat, the Salt-Away Kit is great to flush the engine and spray the salt off the boat when you come in.

  • Use the Salt-Away Mixing Unit to spray off your wet suits and remove salt accumulation from wet suit zippers.

  • The 16-ounce Professional Strength formula is an excellent product for removing salt from quick- disconnect attachments, regulators, and buoyancy compensators.

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Diver3 405x291.jpg
  • Completely safe for underwater cameras. No need to rinse off immediately. Makes for easy clean-up later.

  • Salt-Away’s non-toxic formula is safe to use on mouth pieces.

  • For convenience, immerse your diving equipment, including your diving suit, into a container using a 1.5% solution of Salt-Away.

    • 15 mL of Salt-Away/Liter of water

    •  2 fl oz of Salt-Away/Gallon of water


  • Thousands of anglers currently use Salt-Away and have used it for years.

  • It takes less than 1 minute to flush salt from your outboard, I/O or inboard engine.

  • Use the remainder of the Salt-Away in the container to spray the salt off your fishing boat.

  • The 6 fl oz (177 ml) reservoir on Salt-Away’s unique dispenser, will flush an engine and wash a boat and trailer up to approximately 45 feet (14 m) in length.

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FishingReelJPG 405x267.jpg
  • At the end of the day, lay your rods and reels on the deck and spray them off using Salt-Away’s Kit.

  • Use a pail with about 2-3 gallons (8-11 L) of water and put 1-2 fl oz (29-58 ml) of Salt-Away per gallon (liter) of water in the pail. Use this solution to wash off fishy, bloody, salty hands and keep your other tackle from becoming contaminated with salt.

  • Put your tackle into the pail until ready to remove to dry. Solution will not rust the tackle. This solution can be used over and over at your discretion.

  • Use the 4 fl oz (117 ml) Light-Use Spray while out to sea to remove the salt from your rod, reel, guides and line as you fish.

  • There is no need to rinse while it is being used, and it keeps the salt from building on the line and your reel.

  • No extra clean-up is required when you get home.

  • Monofilament line and spectra were tested for 3 months in a Salt-Away solution 5 times the concentration recommended for ordinary use. After the 3 months, strength tests were performed by approved strength test equipment. There was no change from the manufacturer’s designated test strength in these materials.

  • Salt-Away is completely safe to use on all brands of reels.

  • Salt-Away is also excellent to use on any tool used for boating and fishing. Keep them from rusting and locking up just when you need them the most.

  • The best product for this application is the Salt-Away 16 fl oz (473 ml) Professional Strength Spray.

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